Experiments in charcoal BBQs

James decided to start this sunny Sunday morning with an experiment. 

As our Designer and Stove Maker, he wanted to find out whether the industrial swing grill charcoal BBQs we make would perform better with or without holes drilled in the steel bed plate on which the charcoal sits. 

The hypothesis

We anticipated that the coals would burn quicker and possibly more evenly sat on top of steel with small holes drilled into the bed. We hypothesised that the holes would provide greater air flow from beneath, feeding the fire. 

The conditions

We set two small piles of lumpwood charcoal over a natural firelighter, with one pile sat on a bed of flat unperforated steel, and the other on a bed of flat steel drilled with 5mm holes. Chief Spaniel, Cooper was on hand to watch over the charcoal!

The result

Well, counter to what we thought might occur, the charcoal that sat on top of the solid steel base burnt slightly faster and more evenly than the charcoal on the perforated base. Indicating that our current Firemaker swing grill design already delivers an optimum bed on which to burn charcoal for hot, even cooking and heating. Result!