Firemaker celebrates goods 'Made In Britain'

James hard at work in our Scottish Borders Workshop, hand-crafting a unique stove commission.

At Firemaker, we hand-craft every stove on-site in our Design and Metal Workshop in the Scottish Borders. Because all of our materials and components are sourced within the UK as locally as possible, or hand-made by James on-site, we're proud to be part of Britain's manufacturing tradition and are loving the 'Made in Britain' revival.

So much so that we recently signed up to the altar of British design and craftsmanship, Make It British ( Make It British Founder and CEO Kate Hills says: "Make it British...are passionate about British craftsmanship...we believe that a product’s provenance is of the utmost importance. By buying authentic British goods, manufactured by skilled craftsman using the finest materials, you are helping to keep these skills alive in the UK. If you don’t support those makers in Britain that still have these precious skills, you will lose them forever."

Hear, hear!