Top 5 CNC plasma cutting designs

Having recently bought a CNC plasma cutter for our Design and Metal Workshop we've been doing some research and getting inspired. 

Here are our top 5 CNC plasma cutting designs - all organic, sinuous shapes cut using machines not too dissimilar to the one we now use on steel for our stoves. 

Why CNC Plasma?

We worked in partnership with Scottish Borders Council and Business Gateway to secure part-funding for the purchase of this key piece of equipment to help our business grow. 

The CNC allows us to bring in-house specialist metal cutting skills, which we love because it's super interesting to learn something new. At the same time our CNC brings new opportunities for supporting local businesses in the Scottish Borders with this specialist service. As well as increasing our efficiencies it will reduce our lead times on our stoves.

James taking time to carefully calibrate the latest addition to our workshop - a CNC plasma cutter. 

A good investment, all round!