cooper keeping an eye on a bbq photo session in the garden.

cooper keeping an eye on a bbq photo session in the garden.

Firemaker started life in Lancashire in 2011, with owner James Clegg bringing his years of industry experience, skills and knowledge to his own designs, hand-building wood burning stoves from his workshop at the bottom of the garden.

Since then some things have changed and some things have remained the same. We’re a bit bigger now, but we’re still based in a workshop in the garden. Even that’s growing though, and we plan to move into our new workshop on-site at home in the Scottish Borders this year.

One thing that hasn’t changed is Cooper the spaniel, a Firemaker founding member. 

What is Firemaker about?

We believe your stove should be special, really special, and that’s why our bespoke stoves and unique designs are made a perfect fit for you and your home. Firemaker has over 15 years of design, consultation and manufacturing experience in the stove sector and we share this with you at every stage of our consultation, design and advisory process.

We also believe in making our products here in Britain, and are proud to be based in the Scottish Borders.  We work with suppliers and specialists as locally as possible to keep all aspects of our business and materials based as close to home in the UK as we can, from steel to stove paint. That being said, we create stoves and BBQs for clients across the UK and internationally, and have shipped to North America, Europe, Africa and Australia this year alone.

We also believe in hand-making every stove. Because of this, lead times can vary, so get in touch with us to find out what they are. Even though we're taking orders months in advance, we still believe in working with our clients to support your time frames where possible, so don’t hesitate to give us a call to ask about your project.

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